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Period 1 Comic strip Welcome to the unit,课前自主预习,课堂互动探究,Unit 8 Detective stories,课前自主预习,couple,probably,boss,指纹,手印,犯罪的,犯法的,犯罪,hurry,hurried,female,male,have nothing to do with,require sb to do sth,原来是,结果是,急忙,赶快,The elderly couple,their only son was murdered,more than one person who had something to dowith,character,was created by,as a master at solving crimes,turned out,had nothing to do with this case,in a hurry to catch a bus,课堂互动探究,词汇点睛,●1 turn out原来是,结果是,[观察] Well, it turned out that he had nothing to do with this case. 哦,结果是他与此案无关。,[探究] turn out 意为“原来是,结果是”。,[拓展],,turn短语,turn in 上交,turn over 翻转,turn down 开小;调低,turn on 打开,turn off 关闭,turn up 开大;调高,活学活用,1.1根据汉语提示完成句子The examination ________________ 结果是,证明是 quite easy.,turned out,2单项选择 2017·云南 Tom, the baby is sleeping. Please ________ the radio a bit. A.turn on B.turn off C.turn up D.turn down,【解析】考查动词短语辨析。根据前句“这个婴儿在睡觉”可知,后句 句意应为“请把收音机音量调小一些”。turn on意为“打开; turn off意为“关上”;turn up意为“把音量调大”;turn down意为“把音量调小”。故选D。,D,●2 in a hurry急忙,赶快,[观察] He was in a hurry to catch a bus 他急着去赶公共汽车,[探究] hurry作名词,意为“急忙,赶快”。in a hurry为固定 短语,既可用于be动词之后作表语,也可以修饰动词作状语。,[拓展] hurry构成的其他短语 hurry up 赶紧,赶快 hurry off 匆忙离开,2.2017·山西改编 When going upstairs or downstairs, we need towalk on the right, leaving the left space for the people who________. A.hurry up B.look aroundC.run away D.rush out,A,【解析】考查动词短语辨析。句意当上下楼时,我们需要靠右走,把左边的空间留给匆忙的人。hurry up意为“赶紧;赶快”;look around意为“四下观看”;run away意为“逃跑”;rush out意为“冲出去”。根据常识可知,上下楼靠右走是为了让匆忙的人从左边行走,短语hurry up符合句意。故选A。,语法聚焦,[定语从句],教材典句,1.Anyone who can provide useful information should contact the police. 任何能提供有用信息的人都应该联系警方。 2.We re now checking the scene for more clues which will help solve the case. 我们现在在搜查现场寻找更多能帮助破案的有用的线索。,3.The victim s parents have offered a reward of 50,000 for any information that leads to the arrest of the murderer. 受害者的父母为任何能够导致谋杀者被抓住的信息提 供50000人 民币的奖励。,语法探究,1.概念 在复合句中,修饰某一名词或代词的从句叫定语从句,被修饰 的名词或代词叫先行词,定语从句一般放在先行词的后面,关 系词引出。,2.定语从句的关系词及其用法 引导定语从句的关系词有关系代词和关系副词,常见的关系代词包括that, which, who 宾格whom,所有格whose;关系副词包括where, when, why。关系代词和关系副词放在先行词及定语从句之间起连接作用,同时又作定语从句的重要成分。,1that 既可指人,也可指物。在从句中作主语或宾语,作主语时 不可省略,从句谓语动词的人称和数须和先行词保持一致。that作 宾语时可省略。 Mary likes music that is quiet and gentle. 玛丽喜欢轻柔的音乐。作主语 The coat that I put on the table is blue. 我放在桌子上的那件外套是蓝色的。作宾语,2which用于指物,在句中作主语或宾语,作主语时不可省略,从 句谓语动词的人称和数须和先行词保持一致。 which作宾语时可省略。 The building which stands near the train station is a supermarket. 位于火车站附近的那座大楼是一家超市。作主语 The film which we saw last night was wonderful. 我们昨天晚上看的那部电影很好看。作宾语,3who和whom用于指人,who 用作主语或宾语,whom用作宾语。 作宾语时,who和whom都可省略。 The girl who often helps me with my English is from England. 经常在英语方面帮助我的那个女孩是英国人。作主语 I don t know the teacher whom/who Li Ming is talking to. 我不认识正在与李明谈话的那位老师。作宾语,3.注意问题 1只能用that,不能用which 的情况 ①当先行词是all, few, little, nothing, everything, anything 等不 定代词时。 All that he said is true. 他说的一切都是真的。 ②当先行词被the only, no, any, all等词修饰时。 He is the only foreigner that has been to that place. 他是唯一一个去过那个地方的外国人。,③当先行词是序数词或被序数词修饰时。 He was the second person that told me the secret. 他是第二个告诉我这个秘密的人。 ④当先行词是形容词最高级或被形容词最高级修饰时。 This is the best book that I have read this year. 这是我今年读过的最好的书。 他谈到了他记得的人和事。,⑤当先行词既包括人又包括物时。 He talked about the people and the things he remembered.,2只能用which,不能用that 的情况 ①在非限制性定语从句中。 The meeting was put off, which was exactly what we wanted. 会议延期了,这正是我们想要的。 ②定语从句由“介词+关系代词”引导,先行词是物时。 The thing about which he is talking is of great importance. 他正谈论的事情非常重要。,注意 关系代词 whom, which 在定语从句中作介词宾语时, 可以和介词一起放在先行词与定语从句之间;有时为了关系紧凑, whom, which 与先行词可以紧挨着,而将介词置于定语从句的后面。 That was the room in which we had lived for ten years. =That was the room which we had lived in for ten years. 那就是我们居住了十年的房间。,活学活用,1.2017·铁岭My friends and I all joined the soccer club ________ our school started last year.A.which B.whoC.when D.where,【解析】分析句子结构可知,此处应填定语从句的关系词; 又因先行词为“the soccer club”,且从句部分缺少宾语。故选A。,A,2.2017·鄂州 Please tell me something about Yang Liwei.He is a great astronaut of ________ all the Chinese are proud.A.that B.whoseC.who D.whom,【解析】句意“请告诉我关于杨利伟的一些情况。”“他是一位伟大的宇航员,所有中国人都为他感到自豪。”引导词在定语从句中作介词of的宾语,先行词表示人,故只能用whom。故选D。,D,3.2017·吉林改编 Ode to Joy欢乐颂 is a TV play ________ many people like.A.why B.thatC.who D.what,【解析】句意欢乐颂是一部许多人都喜欢看的电视剧。先行词“a TV play”表示物,定语从句由that引导,故选B。,B,4.2017·鞍山 My mother always said, “A good education issomething ________ no one can take away from you.”A.that B.whoC.when D.what,【解析】先行词是something,关系词在从句中作宾语,所以应用that。故选A。,A,5.2017·通辽 This is the best book ________ I have read.A.that B.whoseC.which D.who,【解析】句意这是我读过的最好的书。当定语从句的先行词被形容词最高级修饰时,关系词应用that。故选A。,A,6.2017·长春 Journey to the West is a book ________ influences teenagers a lot. It is very popular.A.who B.whenC.which D.what,C,

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