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Period 3 Grammar,课前自主预习,课堂互动探究,Unit 7 Films,课前自主预习,park,row,mistake,amazed,amazing,in the corner,have a T­shirt on,keep quiet,have a day off,all over the world,交通高峰期,在最后一排,把误认为,to avoid the rush hour,a lot of traffic,space to park,kept coming,had,been on,mistook her for,课堂互动探究,词汇点睛,●1 have been on 已经上演,[观察] People kept coming in, although/though the film had alreadybeen on for 15 minutes. 人们不断地进来,尽管这部电影已经开始了15分钟。 He has been out for two days. 他已出门两天了。 Tom has been away for a week. 汤姆离开一周了。,[探究] have been可以与away, back, in, on, out等词连用,表示某种状 态,可以与for或since等引导的表示时间段的时间状语连用。,活学活用,1.2017·乐山改编 I m sorry for being late. Never mind. The meeting ________ for only 5 minutes. This way, please.A.has beguan B.has endedC.has been on D.has on,C,【解析】考查现在完成时。表示“开始”的begin是短暂性动词,与一段时间连用时,要用延续性动词,故用be on替换。故选C。,●2 mistakefor 把误认为,[拓展] make a mistake/make mistakes意为“犯错,出错”,若 表示“在某一方面出错”,用介词in。,[探究] mistake n. 错误,过失;v. 看错,误解 mistakefor把误认为,[观察] Some people mistook her for a real princess. 有些人误以为她是一位真正的公主。,2.2017·无锡 这位男演员演技出众,常被误认为是个真警探。The actor acts so well _______________________ a real detective.,that he is/he s often mistaken for,句型透视,●People kept coming in, although the film had already been on for 15minutes. 人们不断地进来,尽管这部电影已经开始了15分钟。,[探究] 1keep doing sth 意为“继续做某事”,表示不间断地 持续做某事。 Keep passing the ball to each other, and you ll be OK. 坚持互相传球,你们就没问题。,2句中用延续性动词短语be on代替非延续性动词begin。非延续性 动词可以与完成时连用,但不能与表示一段时间的状语连用,若要 与表示一段时间的状语连用,通常用意义相当的延续性动词来替换。 I have kept the book for three months. I ll return it this afternoon. 这本书我借三个月了,今天下午我要归还它。,[拓展] 1keep on doing sth意为“持续做某事”。 The pupil kept on asking me the same question. 这个学生不断地问我同一个问题。 2keepfrom doing sth意为“阻止/防止做某事”。 The heavy snow kept us from going out. 大雪使我们不能外出。,活学活用,1 He kept ________ so that he could be in good health. A.Exercise B.exercises C.Exercising D.to exercise,【解析】keep doing sth 意为“坚持做某事”。故选C。,C,22017·淮安 How long can a person ________ a shared bike共享单车 for free in NanjingFor an hour.A.keep B.getC.borrow D.lend,A,【解析】考查动词辨析。句意“在南京一个人可以免费使用共享单 车多长时间”“一个小时。”根据答语for引导的表示一 段时间的时间状语可知用延续性动词,四个选项中只有keep是延续性动词。故选A。,语法聚焦,[一、although与though],教材典句,1.Though I like acting, I d rather be a director. 虽然我喜欢表演,但我宁愿成为一名导演。,2.Colette insisted that Hepburn was the perfect girl for the lead role in Gigi, a play based upon her novel, although Hepburn had never played anymajor roles before. 琪琪这部戏是根据科莱特的小说改编的,科莱特坚持 赫本是该戏主角的完美人选,尽管赫本之前从未出演过任 何主要角色。,语法探究,although和though都可以表示“虽然”。 I don t feel lonely although/though he is far away. 虽然他不在我身边,但我不感到孤独。,1.though一般用于正常语序,但也可以用于倒装语序;although不用于倒装语序。 Young though he is, he is quite experienced. 他虽然年轻, 但颇有、经验。 He is not paid well although he works long hours. 他工作时间虽然很长,但收入并不高。,2.although, though引导的让步状语从句不能和连词but连用, 但可以跟yet和still等词连用。 Although he had little, yet he was always happy. 虽然他拥有的少,但他总是很快乐。 Although he has a familiar face, he is still a stranger to you 虽然他的面孔看上去比较熟悉,但对你来说仍然是个陌生人,活学活用,1.2017· 邵阳改编________ Lily is only five years old,________ she can swim very well.A.Though; but B.Because; soC.Though; / D./; so,【解析】考查连词用法。句意尽管莉莉只有五岁,但她能够游泳游得很好。通过分析句意可知前后两句在逻辑关系上是让步关系,英语中though与but不能同时用于一个句子中。 故选C。,C,2.2017·广东“ A white elephant” means something that is useless,________ it may cost a lot of money.A.unless B.untilC.since D.although,【解析】考查连词辨析。unless意为“除非”;until意为“直到”;since意为“自从”;although意为“尽管”。根据句意“‘A white elephant’指的是一些没用的东西,虽然它可能花很多钱”可知选D。,D,3.2017·铁岭 I still like my English teacher, ________ she is verystrict with us. A.so B.butC.though D.or,【解析】考查连词。句意尽管英语老师对我们很严格,但是我仍然喜欢她。though意为“尽管”。故选C。,C,[二、sothat与suchthat],教材典句,1.I m so good that I should be in Hollywood instead. 我这么优秀,倒是应该在好莱坞发展。 2.Millie is such a good storyteller that she can write exciting scripts. 米莉是一个讲故事的好手,她可以写激动人心的剧本。,语法探究,sothat和suchthat常见结构比较 sothat用于以下句型 so+adj./adv.+that so+adj.+a/an+单数可数名词+that,so+many/few+复数可数名词+that so+much/little少+不可数名词+that suchthat用于以下句型 such+a/an+adj.+单数可数名词+that such+adj.+复数可数名词+that such+adj.+不可数名词+that,such+不可数名词+that This teacher is so kind that we all like him. 这位老师非常和蔼,我们都喜欢他。 This is so interesting a book that we all enjoy reading it. 这本书非常有趣,我们都喜欢看。 I have so little money that I cannot afford a car. 我的钱太少,买不起汽车。,This is such an interesting book that we all enjoy reading it. 这本书非常有趣,我们都喜欢看。 They are such interesting books that we all enjoy reading them. 这些书很有趣,我们都喜欢看。 It was such bad weather that I had to stay at home. 天气太糟了,以至于我不得不待在家里。,[拓展] 当单数可数名词前有形容词时,既可用so,也可用such, 但不定冠词的位置却有所不同。 This is so important a meeting that you should attend it. =This is such an important meeting that you should attend it. 这是一次很重要的会议,你应该参加。,活学活用,1.The movie is ________ wonderful ________ I want to see it again.A.too; to B.as; asC.so; that D.such; that,C,2.2017·鞍山 It was ________ pleasant surprise for the mother to see her son that had been missing for nearly ten years that shedidn t know what to say.A.so B.such aC.so a D.such,

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